Till I Met You – Episode 2

Something is bothering Iris, and nothing gets by  Cassandra. Iris is upset to lose a constant in her life, Ali, to PMA (Philippine Military Academy). It’ll be awhile for him to come back.

Zoe complains that she doesn’t feel well. She has diabetes. As we all know, there’s no cure for diabetes and the insulin can get expensive. They need to find a way to make payments or her kidneys may fail. Iris is determined not to lose Zoe, like her Tito-Papa.

Iris is at school with her friend, and she gets asked out on a date by some random dude. She’s saving herself for Ali, so obviously she declined him! Plus… she’s busy! Her friend is being a negative Nancy and says, “what if he already has a girlfriend? He’s so far away!” and Iris is like, he can’t be going clubbing there so there’s no way he can meet girls. Agnes wants to visit Ali and Greg says absolutely not. He doesn’t need the special treatment and he needs to man up. 

Iris gets a call from Ali, she hasn’t heard from him since he left. PMA was too difficult for Ali, but Iris reassures him that’s not the case. Ali made up his decision and he left PMA awhile ago. She turns around, and Ali is there with a duffle bag. They run to each other with open arms and ALMOST kiss.

Ali admits it was never his dream to be in the PMA, it was his dad’s dream. He hasn’t told them yet and his plan is to text and not come home for a year. Umm… have you seen his dad? I would do the same.

OOOO!! His dad gets super pissed and holds his shirt in his fist while yelling at him. Ali admits he wants to cook and his father can’t accept it. He doesn’t want that excuse. He couldn’t survive PMA because he’s weak, a failure, and a quitter. His words, not mine. Aww, poor Ali. He doesn’t deserve that. His dad should have known this wasn’t for him. He did pick the James Dean poster after all… He gets kicked out of the house.

Cassandra says Ali can stay there for however long he wants. Agnes goes to the house with some clothes and she embraces him. Ugh, I love Agnes (and Pokwang.) Ali apologizes to Agnes. She reminds him that she will support him no matter what decision he makes. She’ll talk to Greg. Cassandra reassures Agnes that Ali will be okay at her house. Ali returns the favor by cooking everyone a delicious dinner of guacamole and menudo. Iris promises him a job when she finishes school and builds her own restaurant and hotel. Agnes is like umm no he’s mine and he’s going to manage my restaurant. How is Greg surprised he wants to cook? His mother is a cook…?!

Greg blames Agnes for the reason why he’s weak, because she babied him too much. Agnus isn’t dealing with that. She’s like, don’t be talking to me like that I’m leaving you to cool off.

Ali felt double the pressure at academy, because of his father’s position in the military. He realized he was at PMA, because he was scared of his dad. Like I referenced above, I would be scared too! He says that he had the motivation to quit PMA because of a particular person. He shows Iris a video of the James Dean look alike. He says in the video not to let people tell you what to do and to live your life, as he jumps off a cliff. Hmm… I guess that could be inspiring. Iris looks unimpressed, but we all know she is.

Next scene is in Athens and James Reid (don’t know character’s name yet,) is walking near some boats on the phone with his dad and OOOO he speaks Greek. His relationship with his dad doesn’t seem to be the best. “We’ll be better apart. I’ll look for a job, don’t even worry about me. I can take care of myself.” were some of the words exchanged in the conversation. Hmm… possible theory is that his dad is Cassandra’s ex boyfriend from the first episode. The one that cheated on her with Agnes and Val.

“He doesn’t look like James Dean. James Dean is guapo guapo,” according to Iris. OK Iris, sure. Ali says he doesn’t care what he looks like. He’s super cool. Iris says that Ali is cooler and braver than Basti. Ali insists she’s only saying that because she’s in love with him. YES. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT IRIS. But no, she’s like slow your roll Ali. I need to decline you 34384903 more times, and she leaves to go to bed. You tried. I’m on your side Ali.

Basti finds a place to stay in Athens. Ali writes an email/comment to Basti telling him that Basti has changed his life without even knowing it. Basti asks what he means, and Ali tells him he quit the PMA because of his video. Basti says he’s half Filipino. Ali tells him about his dad and Basti agrees that father’s can be difficult and that sometimes it’s better for them to do what they want. Ali is feeling this and they become best friends forever.


Source: ABS-CBN Youtube

Basti is watching a video of this woman on his laptop. He speaks to the woman in the video, his late mother. He says he’s back in Athens and explains that he can’t live with his father and that he misses her. He tells her that he changed some guys life who happens to have the same father issues he does.

Ali is going back to school where Iris goes, but he has to save money before attending school so he can be independent. She helps him look for a scholarship grant and he fills out the application with her. Ali gets the scholarship and they hold hands going back to Iris’s house.


Source: Pinoy TV

Ali calls Agnes to let her know  about his culinary scholarship and she’s super proud of him. Greg hears with a sour face and she tells him to stop being a baby. Ali is being brave considering he stood up to him and admitted PMA wasn’t for him. In fact, Greg did the same thing to his father. He was supposed to go for medicine, but went to PMA instead. REALLY GREGGY?? *eye roll*

Ali is having a conversation with Cassandra and Iris. He wants to leave to get a job, so he can stop being a burden on Cassandra and move out. Cassandra and Iris insist he’s not a burden and there’s no need. Greg overhears and tells Ali that he heard about the scholarship, and that he doesn’t need a job. He needs to focus on his studies and he can do this by coming back home. Greg wants Ali to make him proud by being the best chef he can be. Aww. So sweet, Sir Greggy. I knew you’d lighten up.

Ali thanks Iris for everything. Iris says they are best friends and he’s always protected her. They are best friends and Ali doesn’t know what he would do if she wasn’t always there by her side. OOOo music came on. I think something romantic is going to happen. He admits he never had a girlfriend. Why would he need one? He always has her. Iris asks what he means by that. He says, he doesn’t know. He guesses it’s because he loves her. She says she loves him too. OMG. YAY! He leans in for a kiss…….. and it goes to the forehead. The episode ends with them hugging and smiling.


Source: ABS-CBN Youtube

Hmm… this felt like a shorter episode to me. I think it was only about 30 minutes. I think the episodes are usually 1 hour.

What did you think of the episode? Comment below!


Till I Met You – Episode 1

The episode starts off with Iris (Nadine Lustre) speaking a monologue in the background overlooking the city of Athens, OTWOL feels anyone? The question of the series is, “How to know if you love him?” No, Charlie Puth, it’s not when you’re only one call away. According to Cassandra, Iris’s mom, it’s when you can only hear/feel your heart beating, because it’s so loud and fast. Cut to Iris staring at James Reid in amazing Instagram selfie lightning (heart eyes emoji). Thank you, Dream Scape.

Cassandra (Carmina Villaroel), doesn’t seem to have the best of luck when it comes to men in her life. Example 1: She sees her boyfriend at a restaurant with two women, Agnes and Val, fighting over him. Turns out, he was playing all 3 of them. They each give him a slap, go outside, end up bonding over this experience with some sponge cake, and become best friends. I’m already loving this trio as best friends.

Example 2: Some time passes and she meets someone else and ends up pregnant, only to find out that this guy had another girlfriend in Canada. Damn, can’t Cassandra catch a break? He ends up leaving to go to Canada. Cassandra says she’s over men and relationships and decides to raise her baby on her own, with the support of her friend. Cassandra supports herself working at a flower shop and decides not to open her heart to love. This girl is 2/2 in the cheating department. Maybe that’s a good idea for now. She don’t need a man.

Fast forward to a couple years later. Iris hangs out at the flower shop with her mother. By the way, this child actress for Iris/Nadine Lustre is SPOT ON. I’m dying, lol.


Source: ABS-CBN

Cassandra takes interest in this man, Oliver, who buys flowers for his wife for every birthday, holiday, etc. Turns out, yes you guessed it, his wife has been dead for a couple years and he brings these flowers to her grave. How can we not like him already!? Cassandra makes a personal delivery and listens to him speaking to his wife giving updates on the children. He offers to drive her home for the nice gesture, and they become a couple and get married. The cheating streak is over Cassandra, what can possibly go wrong now?! Kyla is singing the theme song for this series as well, which comes on as Cassandra walks down the aisle at her wedding.

Example 3: At Iris’s birthday, OIiver falls ill all of a sudden. He has a kidney disease that he wasn’t aware of. Cassandra and Oliver’s family (his father and two children) spend most of their savings on Oliver, who is in a coma, and after Cassandra tells him that she will be okay to take care of the children, and for Oliver to stop fighting, the line goes flat and he passes away. Is it really a TFC show if someone doesn’t die in the pilot episode?

Anytime Carmina cries in a series it actually tears me up. She’s a damn good actress. Sorry, Cassandra, I was really rooting for a happy marriage for you. Kawawa, di ba?

Oliver’s dad decides to take Oliver’s 2 kids to Cebu with him since they aren’t actually Cassandra’s kids, but she declines and offers to take care of the kids with her and Iris. Iris starts making money in school selling some handicrafts she makes with her mom. Agnes’s son, Ali, is the same age as Iris and they become best friends after he protects her from these bullies calling her handicrafts ugly. They were only 20 pesos! That’s a bargain!

Ali takes an interest in cooking, but his dad’s only plan for him is to become a soldier, like he was. His father rewards Ali for protecting Iris by letting him choose between these “manly” and action themed posters for his room. Much to his father’s dismay, he chooses a James Dean poster (LOL) that somehow got into the pile. “He’s not an action star, he’s only pogi,” his dad says and Ali is like, “duh, that’s why I want it.”

As they get older, Iris and Ali become two peas in a pod. They graduate high school as Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively. They go to prom together. Ali is considered super guapo according to some girls, and Iris isn’t in the same calibre. He shuts them up and says nothing, but cute things about Iris, throws in a forehead kiss, AND holds hands with interlocking fingers!!! Ugh, I love him already!At the dance, he proposes that maybe they actually should start dating, but obviously being the typical Filipina she is, Iris plays it off like he’s joking around and changes the subject. There’s some talk about him joining the Military. He’s not into talking about that and wants to dance, but Iris doesn’t want to. He gets crowned Grad King. Queen is *GASP* Iris.


Source: ABS-CBN Youtube

As they are celebrating their win with a dance, she remembers her mother telling her she’s supposed to know she’s in love. Iris is feeling it, guys. She can’t feel or hear anything but her heart beating, and she’s loving it. She sees no one else in the room right now.

She discusses these feelings with her friend. Her friend logically asks, “why don’t you tell him?” But of course Iris doesn’t do that. She wants HIM to make the move, which he did but she played it off! Okay, Iris. Does she want a huge romantic gesture? She kind of got one. He’s leaving for the Military Academy the next day. Her feelings for Ali will have to wait. Sigh*

Agnes and Ali are talking about academy. She asks if he wants to go for real. She tells him that whatever he chooses, she’s there for him. Mother’s instincts y’all. She knows what’s up. Ali’s dad talks about how he seems himself in Ali when he was going to academy and how he’s proud of Ali for continuing the same path. Ali goes on his laptop and is part of this James Dean fan club. Is that a thing? He sees this Filipino look alike of James Dean (James Reid), looks at his poster, and feels a connection to him.

I’m so excited for this teleserye. What did you guys think of this episode? Comment below!